Our team is made up of excellent and motivated students of the “Politecnico di Torino”. We are around 30 students from all over the world and we share a passion for innovation and motorsport. We are divided into 5 divisions based on the curriculum vitae, previous experiences and personal inclinations. Each division is led by the team leader and the mentors.


It deals with the management and optimization of the algorithms for the perception of the structured environment in which the vehicle will move autonomously.

Control and integration

The C&I Division manages the software architecture of the autonomous driving system and integrates all the hardware components into a global controller developed on the vehicle’s ECUs.

Mechanics and powertrain

The M&P Division deals with the mechanical maintenance of the racing prototype and the integration of all the new mechanic parts in the current monocoque. Moreover, it is responsible of the powertrain management and optimization.

Electricity and electronics

The E&E Division is responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance and development from the Electrical and the Electronics point of view.

Management and logistic division

This division deals with static events. It also works on all the aspects of the project that are not of a technical nature such as sponsorship research, necessary for the expansion of the budget, creation of content on the website and social media to develop the brand image. Economic-financial knowledge and good communication and organizational skills are the basis of the members of this department.